Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm
scarab2ei asd amulet beads. 121

intertwined at a common centre; meaning obscure. fin. long. Yellow glazed

918. Cowroid; on the base, in intaglio, a papyrus flower and sprouts.
^ in. long. Light green glazed steatite.

919. Scarabseus,- on base, combination of flowers of the lotus and papyrus,
emblems of the union of Upper and Lower Egypt: pierced, f in. long. Bed


920. Scarabseus, xePer > on tne base, in intaglio, a spiral, formed of four
flowers of the papyrus united. -|in. diameter. White glazed steatite.

921. Scarabseus, xePer' 011 tne kase> ^n intaglio, jf ^=7 a flower and two
buds of the papyrus, and the symbol, neb, or " lord": pierced. ^ in. diameter.
Blue glass.

922. Scarabseus, no elytra ; on the base, in intaglio, papyrus, or lotus
flower, with two drooping buds, emblem of the Upper or Lower country:
pierced. § in. long. Green glazed steatite.

923. Scarabseus, yeper, plain elytra; on the base, in intaglio, ° Ra-s'a,

for S'aafra, name of Kephren, or Chabryes, king of the 4th dynasty, successor
of Cheops, and builder of the 2nd Pyramid. It is remarkable that all these
scarabsei are of porcelain, and probably of a later age, priests having as late
as the Ptolemies been attached to the worship of these monarchs of the 4th
dynasty : pierced, # in. long. Blue porcelain.

924. Similar scarabseus, with the same name; doubtful if antique. f in.
long. White glazed steatite.

925. Eectangular amulet; on the base, vertically, in intaglio, fj J oJ|
feather, Ma, of Truth, and Ka en nefer, or Nefer en ha, name of an early
monarch, apparently of the 5th dynasty; on the reverse || || two men walking
side by side; sense obscure; grooved at the side : pierced, § in. long, J in. wide.

White glazed steatite.

926. Scarabseus, -yeper, no elytra; on the base, in intaglio, G ^ n J f>**r| J
placed vertically, Ra Tat ha, or Tat hara, the supposed Tancheres, king of the
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