Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm
scarabs! and amulet beads.


crown hut, emblem of the goddess Ne^eb or Nes'em, and the lower crown


tes'er, emblem of Uat, or Buto, and two other ura?i serpents: piei'ced.
long. Bluish-green glazed steatite.

973. ScarabcEus, xePcr> plam elytra; on the base, in intaglio, Rd men
Xeper, prenomen of Thothmes III., of the 18th dynasty ; a hieroglyph psc"| nub,
" gold," above and below, and two crowns of lower Egypt )J tes'er, indistinct;
pierced : § in. long. Dark reddish glazed steatite.

974. Scarabrous, ye'per, plain elytra; on the base, in intaglio,
Rd men xePer Amen tard, type of Amen, title and prenomen of
Thothmes III., king of the 18th dynasty, in a horizontal car-

touche, and the Hor of Horus of Edfu, and the Hut

or the winged

solar disk, with pendent urasi; fine work: pierced. -| in. long. Bluish-green
glazed steatite.

975. Nine rectangular amulets, probably pendants of a necklace, on each,
in intaglio, Rd men \eper, the prenomen of Thothmes III., in a horizontal


cartouche; and below, (I _ ^ ^ ^ disposed vertically, Amen mer tser

mennu, "Ea> men xeper, prenomen of Thothmes III., king of the 18th
dynasty, beloved of Amen." Tser mennu is the name of one of the Temples
at Thebes built by this king: pierced. § in. long, £ m- wide. Bright blue
glazed steatite.

976. Three similar ovals, with same inscription. § in. long, f in. wide.
Blue porcelain.

977. Half of a scarabseus, xePer> with plain elytra; on the base ends of
six horizontal lines of hieroglyphs,




en amen pa.
men xePer dmmd su.

heh mesu.
tennu pa abut,
md uben Rd.

em pe Tahutimes.
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