Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1027. Oval; on one side, Ra aa ye/peru, " Ka aa ^eperu," prenomen
of Amenophis II., of the 18th dynasty, in a vertical cartouche, and at the

side, ° jj^ Ptah meri, " beloved of Ptah," a title : on the reverse, in a

vertical cartouche, same prenomen and title, m ^ ^an ^ier ^a> "assenting in
form;" fine work: pierced, §■ in. long. Bright blue glazed steatite.

1028. Oval; on one side, ^ Rd aa yejyeru, prenomen of Amenophis II.,
of the 18th dynasty, in a vertical cartouche, the king represented as a lion
walking over a prostrate enemy with his hands raised, having behind j,

neter, " god:" on the reverse, the same prenomen placed between two feathers
of truth, as an emblem Tat, of stability, between two urasi: pierced, f in. long.

Pale green glazed steatite.

T\ I''' 11 I. Cl

1029. Scarabseus, xePer> plain elytra; on the base, in intaglio, ( ^
arranged vertically, Amenhetp, " Amenophis," name of one of the four monarchs
of the 18th dynasty; doubtful: pierced, •§ in. long. Reddish glazed steatite.

1030. Scaraba?us, xePer> plain elytra; on the base, 13 lines of incuse hiero-

renpa...abut yemt s'aa...yer

en liar ka neyt Sd em Ma

Nexeb neb uat neb samen hapu

s' Icarh ta ta bah nub da xePs'

hi satu suten ^efr (Rd neb ma) sa en Rd

Amenhetp heq Uas ta anx suten hem t 6di anx 6a

iitu xent f ari Xnum en suten hem t urt

Taui anx @a Gm tama ses' t'aru

Xa abu auf mah xem^ Xa Put Xai USX f

dr n xen^ f a^ s'e

em abut snau sd mat sas xeni Xent em

suten ud Aten

nefer em xennuf

"The year 11, the 21st of the month Choiak, under the reign of the Horus,
the powerful bull, crowned in truth, the lord of the upper diadem and lower
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