Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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diadem, establisher of laws, the orderer of the two countries, the golden hawk,
greatly strong, the smiter of the Satu foreigners, the king of the upper and
lower country. E,a neb. ma, son of the Sun, Amenhetp, ruler of Uas, giver
of life, the royal wife Tai living. His majesty ordered that there should be
made a tank of the great royal wife, Tai, living in the town of Sestaru^a.
Its length was made 3G00 cubits, its breadth 900 cubits. His majesty made
the festival of the making of the waters on the 26th of the month Athor.
His majesty was rowed in it in the boat of the most beautiful disk."

This scarabaeus records the making of a tank, the first appearance of the
heretical worship of the Sun's disk, to which Amenophis was attached, and the
position of the town where the tank was constructed, of considerable size and
of rectangular shape, about 6,120 feet long by 1,530 feet broad, or the breadth
one-fourth of the length. It has been stated that it was begun on the first day
of Athor and finished on the 16th of the same month : Hincks, " On the date of
the 18th dynasty of Manetho," B. Irish Acad., Vol. xix. PL II. p. 7. But this
is hardly credible; still less so the reading of the present scarabseusl, which
gives only six days for the same. The rulers entered it on that day, and
this is considered to place the date of Amenophis III. about 1300 B. c, when
the Inundation fell in that month. 3 in. long. Glazed steatite.

1031. Scarabasus, xePer> plain elytra; on the base, in intaglio, Ba neb md}
prenomen of Amenophis III., of the 18th dynasty, in a vertical cartouche,

two symbols, neb and [} I ma nefer, apparently the good and true lord :

pierced, f in. long. Bright blue glazed steatite.

1032. Scarabasus, ye<per, plain elytra ; on the base, in intaglio, Ba neb
ma uta neferu, prenomen of Amenophis III., king of the 18th dynasty in a

vertical cartouche, and J J J ^ta neferu> "The most beautiful sym-

bolic eye;" probably a variant from s'da neferu, which is also found placed
after the prenomen of this monarch : pierced, f in. long. Bale green glazed

1033. Oval: on one side, Ba neb ma, prenomen of Amenophis III., king
of the 18th dynasty, in a vertical cartouche: on the reverse, ^ ^ "jj ( (j

1 A similar scarabseus is engraved Rosellini, M. R. No. xliv. 2.

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