Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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164 OBJECTS OF THE TOILET. J . ,.a <$tV&

1234. Scarabseus; yeper; on the base, in intaglio, groups of hieroglyphs:

pierced, § in. long. Green glazed steatite. gc#b3euS> P^*1

1235. Scarabasus, yeper, on the base, in intaglio, =<=> Ta ... eh; meaning , joDor, (x^een J

° the

obscure, possibly a name : pierced. ■§ in. long. Composition imitating lapis lazuli. , t^®3-5'

1236. Cowrie; on the base, ornament of spiral lines. J in. long. Gray ^, fine work.
steatite. \ ^ scarab®'

1237. Cowrie; on the base are incised a star of six rays or diagonal lines. «^ scarab®
fin., long. Blue glass. _ '' . pi<

Scarabteoid, on

. SCABAB2EI. ffc^**

I sCarab$us, stai

Besides the scarabsei used for the bezels of rings and other purposes, stand- g^rabseus, no

ing on an oval base inscribed with hieroglyphs, others are found in hard stone,
completely carved and without bases, having below a ring or perforation in the
centre of the belly to thread on necklaces or other parts of the personal attire,
either as pendants or amulets of the dead. Besides these, many scarabasi are
found in hard stone of the usual shape but with the base uninscribed, either
not having been finished by the engraver, or else left so for the purpose of
stringing on necklaces. As the cords of the necklaces are not preserved, on >■ Scarabseus; on

account of their decay by the progress of time, it is difficult to know how
they were arranged, except when discovered on the necks of mummies or from
the representation of these objects in sarcophagi and on the walls of the tombs. S619th dynasty

They are there, however, generally represented as composed of spherical beads I Scarabeeus, pi;

and cylindrical bugles.

1238. Scarabaeus, yeper, plain elytra; bead or pendant from a necklace. | gcara|.
Amethyst scarabaei appear to have come in use at an early period and were

sometimes engraved: pierced. ■§ in. long. Amethyst.

1239. Similar scarabseus: pierced, f in. long. Amethyst.


3, Scarabseus, per
lb suspension. |
iScarakus, the


. Thotb.; on t


feus, p]

1240. Scarabseoid1, or imperfect scarabseus, without indication of elytra. \ in. "-ca'abseus,
long. Amethyst. 'iMong. Bli

1241. Scarabgeus, plain elytra: pierced, fin. long. Red and white mottled 1 ^ftbeeus hi

jasper. . , : ■ ::' - < ' . ^

1 Or, according to the Greek form, scaraboid, from skarabos.

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