Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1242. Scarabseus, on a flat base, f in. long. Lapis lazuli.

1243. Scarabaeus, carved, with striated elytra, on a square base, f in. long.
Lapis lazuli.

1244. Scarabaeus, plain elytra, on a base: pierced. A very beautiful speci-
men. 1^- in. long. Green felspar or Amazon stone.

1245. Scarabseus, the elytra divided by three grooves or striae, standing on
an oval base; fine work. If in. long. Green felspar.

1246. Similar scarabseus, plain elytra: pierced. f- in. long. Same material.

1247. Similar scarabseus, striated elytra, -f in. long. Same material.

1248. Scarabaooid: pierced. § in. long. Lapis lazuli.

1249. Scarabaeoid, on base: pierced. \ in. long. Red camelian.

1250. Scarabaeus, striated elytra. § in. long. Haematite.

1251. Scarabasus, standing on base, plain elytra, £ in. long. Red jasper.

1252. Scarabseus, no elytra, standing on base: pierced, f- in. long. Red
and white jasper.

1253. Scarabseus, pendant of a necklace in bas relief, flat behind; above
a ring for suspension. ■§ in. long. Red camelian.

1254. Scarabseus, the head only indicated, on a base: pierced. •§ in. long.

Red camelian.

1255. Scarabseus; on one side an ape or cynocephalus, emblem of the gods

II., of the 19th dynasty: pierced. £ in. long. Red camelian.

1256. Scarabseus, plain elytra, flat beneath; broken. f in. long. Lapis

1257. Similar scarabseus, completely carved; not broken. -| in. long. Same

1258. Scarabseus, plain elytra: not pierced. If in. long. Green jasper.

1259. Scarabseus, xeVGr> elytra and base plain, used as a bead or pendant:
pierced, f in. long. Blue porcelain.

1260. Scarabseus, hawk-headed, completely carved, but without any namms
or head-dress. This type is supposed to be the union of the god Ra, repre-
sented by the head of the hawk, and Khepera, the creator and demiurgos; it
is a rare type and appears to belong to a later period. Another variety of


Khons and Thoth; on the base

(sic) Ra user ma, prenomen of Rameses
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