Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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purposes, such as pendants or beads of necklaces or bracelets, in which case it is

168 OBJECTS OP THE TOILET. ;" , ij- tflQ, U


right eye was symbol of the sun, and the left of the moon, "the filling of ' §fMlC ^

the eye" indicating the full moon. The right eye was supposed to represent ' ,. x

the sun, and the left the moon. The pupil was sometimes coloured red. Being ^ ^ rj

so common an ornament in Egyptian antiquities it is found adapted to various


either perforated or provided with a ring above, cut out of a piece of the same gjinilar eye'

material, for suspension. There can be no doubt that it was a kind of charm or gymbolic eye>

amulet, although not necessarily of a sepulchral nature, and those in hard stones ^ ^ j jn, lor
formed portions of necklaces, or else single pendants, round the neck of the living.
These are of various substances and treated in different manners, occasionally
carved in full detail, or bifrons, so as to represent both eyes, while in some

cases the mere profile of the eye without the brows and pupil. The eyes of | Si* eye.

porcelain, like those of hard stone, were also occasionally employed for necklaces, , g^uilar eye. f

but more often as the paraphernalia of burial and the ornaments attached to Symbolic eye, r


■\ Symbolic eye,

the outer networks of mummies. As it is desirable to show all the various
types, they are placed here with the others. Occasionally the eyes have
hieroglyphs impressed on the flat, side, such as dn^, "life," nefer, "good,"

and groups of four and more eyes intermingled with sceptres are not un- ! Similar eye. f

common. : eye> j

1295. Rectangular plate; on one side is engraved the right symbolic eye, j Symbolic eye %
uta, emblem of the Sun, or the god Shu; at the left side a kind of notch.
| in. long, f in. high. Lapis lazuli.

1296. Similar plate, above a ring. ^ in. spuare. Same material.

1297. Similar plate, § in. long, -J in. high. Burnt lapis lazuli.

1298. Rectangular plate, prepared for engraving; on it a symbolic eye.
|- in. long, § in. high. Lapis lazuli.

1299. Rectangular plate, having on one side, in relief, a right symbolic

Symbolic eye,

Symbolic eye,

' Symbolic eye,

' Symbolic


eye, uta; above, a ring. § in. long. Serpentine. Symbolic eye,

\ 1' 'i

1300. Right symbolic eye, uta, in relief, and the same on the reverse. ar eye, -y
| in. long. White steatite. '" ^bolic eye

1301. Right symbolic eye, uta, emblem of Ra, or the Sun, in relief, on , ^iffn.
one side; above, a ring, not pierced, f in. long. Lapis lazuli. Embolic eye

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