Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1347. Similar eye; fair workmanship. J in. long. Same material.

1348. Similar eye; above, a ring. -J in. long. Light blue porcelain.

1349. Symbolic eye, uta, left one, emblem of the Moon and the lunar
gods, Kbonsu and Tlioth; flat behind; very rude, § in. long. Red cornelian.

1350. Similar eye, not ringed, f in. long. Same material.

1351. Similar eye. -J in. long. Lapis lazuli.

1352. Symbolic eye, uta, bifrons, representing both eyes, emblems of the
Sun and Moon; open work: pierced lengthwise. 1 in. long. Red jasper.

1353. Similar eye. £ in. long. Same material.

1354. Similar eye. f in. long. Same material.

1355. Similar eye. ■§ in. long. Same material.

1356. Similar eye. -| in. long. Same material.

1357. Similar eye, not open work. ■§ in. long. Same material.

1358. Similar eye. |- in. long. Same material.

1359. Similar eye. -f in. long. Red carnelian.

1360. Similar eye, broken and pierced. -| in. long. Dark steatite.

1361. Symbolic eyes, uta, bifrons; open work : pierced lengthwise and broken.
1 in. long. Amethyst.

1362. Two symbolic eyes, uta, bifrons, pupils black; no other details;
united in one line: pierced twice. £ in. long. Light blue porcelain.

1363. Symbolic eye, uta, carved on each side: pierced. -J in. long. Blue
transparent glass.

1364. Symbolic eye, uta, bifrons, the two eyes of the Sun and Moon com-
bined, in open work in a square frame, the pupils and brows of a dark colour:
pierced. 1^ in. long. Light-green porcelain.

1365. Symbolic eye, uta, in open work, bifrons. £ in. long. Light blue

1366. Symbolic eye, uta, bifrons, complete. -J in. long. Bright blue porcelain.

1367. Four symbolic eyes, uta, joined inversely, facing outwards, on a
diapered background. There were four of these eyes, according to the Ritual,
Chapter cxlviii., each assigned to one of the four paddles of the South, North,

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