Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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West, and East, and emblematic of the four points of the compass. On the
reverse is a right symbolic eye, uta, between two baskets, or emblems of
dominion, disposed in a plain square, having on each side a crenated line. 1-f in.
high. Bright green porcelain.

1368. Four symbolic eyes, as before, united in twos, back to back; they
are placed between the emblem of Xem, or the bolt, composed <=—a >-=>
of two papyrus sceptres, having between them a rosette : flat behind, and pierced.
§• in. long. Purple porcelain.

1369. Four symbolic eyes, as before, having the bolt between them; open
work, very rude: pierced. \ in. long. Light blue porcelain.

1370. Four symbolic eyes, uta, and sceptres ; in open work: very rude, and
pierced, ■§ in. long. Light blue porcelain.

1371. Heart, hat, or qbt, with side wings; above, a ring for suspension;
remarkably fine, and probably used as a pendant during life, similar hearts
appearing suspended by a chain or cord round the neck of boys of rank, in
the same manner as the Roman bullce. If in. long. Turquoise-blue glass.

1372. Stud, mushroom-shaped. J in. diameter. Red carnelian.


The use of vases in Egypt dates from the most remote period, those of
terra cotta being the oldest known, especially small cups on small stems of
red material, found in the neighbourhood of the Pyramids, one of which is
in this collection. Other varieties of terra cotta vases are also known1. Of
the next period are those of bronze and alabaster, especially the latter, some
of which bear names of the kings of the 4th and 5th dynasty, that of Cheops
having been found on an alabaster vase2. Some bronze vases are inscribed with
the names of officers and others who lived at the time of the 6th dynasty.
The oldest glass vase is that of the 18th dynasty, when elegant and opaque
toilet vases were made of that material, the first dated specimen bearing the

1 Lepsius, Denkmader, Abth. n. Bl. 140.

2 Lbpsius, Denkm., Abth. n. Bl. 1.
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