Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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hand, and her right pendent. 4. Nephthys, wearing on her head her name and ^
emblem, draped, and holding a sceptre, uasm, in her left hand, her right *J>



pendent. 5. Nefer Turn, the son of Ptah and Bast, draped in a tunic, s'enti,
wearing the lotus flower, s'eser, and four tall plumes of hawk-feathers; left
hand holding a sceptre, uasm, and right hand pendent. 6. Harpayrat, or £
Harpocrates, naked, lock, rut, on right side of the head, seated on a lotus
flower, facing to the right, raising the index-finger of right hand to the lips;
on each side a cow stands facing the god, amidst two papyrus flowers. Behind
the light cow are three jackal-headed deities, draped in tunics, s'enti, kneeling,
facing to the right, their left hands doubled on their breast, the Spirits of the
"West adoring Harpocrates; behind the cow on the left are three hawk-headed
deities facing to the right, their left hand on the breast and right raised in
the same attitude. There is also in this division the head of the goddess Athor,
full-face, with the usual spiral curls, pylon, and litui. Below are the petals of
the calix of a lotus, and stud. 6|- in. long. Bronze.

1374. Situlus, or small bucket, drop-shaped, convex and pointed beneath. er
It has no handle remaining and one ear is broken off. On it, in relief, is the
god Amsi, Khem, or Amnion Horus, the mystical Ka-mut-f, standing, facing to
the right, wearing the two tall hawk-feathers of Ammon, and the disk placed on
the tes'er, or red crown; his form mummied, as usual, and with the three-
thonged whip in his left hand. Before him is an altar, or shrine, and a god-
dess, indistinct, probably Mut, or the Mother goddess, his mother. The part ^ hereditary chief
below in shape of the calix of a lotus flower, and a stud at the bottom. 2} in. ^soldier. Sebak
high. Bronze. lie made hi

1375. Similar vase, with recurved and cylindrical handle ; in one compartment -brings of drink
the god Amsi or Khem, as before, standing at a shrine, facing to the right;
in another the goddess Mut, with plinth, draped and rude. 4f in. high. Bronze.

1376. Handle from a two-handled vase, probably a caldron or a laver,
louterion, thick cylindroid, terminating in an oval flat disk. 4-£ in. long. Bronze.

1377. Handle of a vase in shape of two knotted stems of a tree, united
in the middle; the ends, which are recurved, terminate in snakes' heads, one
broken off. 4 in. lons\ Bronze.

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1378. Vase, globular body, flat base and short cylindrical neck, and two :^ Serv*ce (

in. high. (
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