Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1379. Portion of a vase or ornament, convex on one side. On it, in
outline, is a person named Ptahmes, of high rank, seated on a chair, facing
to the right. He wears on his head a skull-cap, namrns, and draped. In his
left hand he holds the dog-headed sceptre, uasm, rarely seen in the hands of
private individuals, and in his right a doubled sash. The chair is high-backed,
has a cushion and lion-clawed feet. Beneath is an ape, standing, facing to the
right, and in the area four lines of hieroglyphs, facing to the right, not in a



Repd ha se^et sabumer ud aru en sut
mestem en sera ur yevp qbu Ptah-


"The prince, chief chancellor, sole counsellor, eyes of the king of Upper
Egypt, ears of the king of Lower Egypt, great Sem, chief constructor, Ptah-
mes." Coarse work. 3| in. high, 2f in. wide. Arragonite.

1380. Vase, in shape of an ampulla, globoid body, truncated at base,
cylindrical neck and large circular mouth with cover fitting close, which has
been tied down with linen, some of which remains. On it is engraved three
perpendicular lines of hieroglyphs, facing to the right,





Repot urt hes.t am.t han-t

tata neter hem.t sitfen henit ur t mert

f Hatastu an^ 6a t'eta.

" The princess, the greatly favoured, and gracious, the regent of the Upper
and Lower Country, the divine wife, the royal wife, greatly loving him, Hatasu,
the ever living."
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