Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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tombs of Sicily, Magna Groocia, and Etruria. Their use appears to have been
for cosmetics, either solid or liquid, and in scenes of the toilet of Aphrodite
or Venus, and other personages, they are seen in the hands of Peitho, or female
attendants, used for that purpose. If in. high. Burnt arragonite.

1389. Similar vase, broken. If- in. high. Same material.

1390. Bowl, or patera, flat, and slightly concave. 1 ft. 3 in. diameter. Arra-

1391. Bowl, cylindrical edges, flat; fine. 8|- in. diameter, 3|: in. high. Same

1392. Small jug, with one handle, shape resembling that of the Greek
olpe, or that used in the hieroglyphs for the syllable ynum with small pro-
jection in front. These vases were principally used for water and cosmetics.
It is about the period of the 26th dynasty, and so small that it may have
been used for some rare scent. ] \ in. high. Zoned arragonite.

1393. Vase, or bottle, with one handle, cylindrical neck, flat globular body,
circular, tapering foot, handle flat and banded, ribbed in three places and notched
at base, and two cross-bands. Inside are the remains of the lees of wine, or
some other substance. 5| in. high. Arragonite.

1394. Similar bottle, banded handle, with one moulding, flat; carved, with
moulding round the neck, and recurved at the lower end. It contains the lees
of wine. 7^ in. high. Same material.

1395. Vase, or cup, in shape of a wine-glass, the body in form of an
expanded flower of the papyrus; the stem is broken off. 3^ in. diameter, 3^ in.
high. Same material.

1396. Set of small vases. 1 ft. high, 1 ft. 3 in. long. Alabaster and granite.

1397. Vase, in shape of an ampulla, bell-shaped, with cylindrical neck, wide
circular mouth, and cover of the same material. The interior contains bitumen,
and it was probably used for holding this material for embalming. It has a
cover of the same material, and is finely made. in. high. Black steatite.

1398. Vase for holding stibium, mestem, globular body, flat circular moulded
foot, narrow cylindrical neck, and flat wide circular mouth. Instead of being
hollowed to the form of the vase, it is pierced, as these stibium vases usually are,




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