Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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Etruria, Greece, and the Isles, goes far to prove that they have all been
obtained from a common source. 2| in. high. Opaque blue glass.

1404. Vase, or bottle, with one handle, in shape of an cenochoe, orna-
mented with white, light blue, and yellow lines round the body, between two
horizontal lines.

This, like the preceding, is a small toilet vase of opaque glass. The oldest
specimen of this kind of glass known is a small bottle in shape of a Greek
olpe, in the British Museum, No. 4740 a, already mentioned, on which is written
in yellow colour the name of Thothmes III., of the 18th dynasty. 3 in. high.

Opaque glass.

1405. Bottle, with globular and tall cylindrical neck, with lip. 4 in. high.
Gray glass.

Vases of this shape appear to be of a later period, like those of dark green
glass which have been found at Memphis in the tombs of the 26th dynasty,
They were used, like the preceding, for holding perfumes, oils, or cosmetics for
the toilet.

1406. Vase, basket-shape cylindroid, with wide mouth and rounded rim, re-
sembling the shape called by the Greeks kalathos, or basket. Smaller vases of
this shape are found, arranged in two or more rows in stands, and sometimes
presented as offerings to the gods, holding portions of divine offerings and other
materials. 2 in. diameter, 1^ in. high. Blue porcelain.

1407. Small bottle, globular body, cylindrical neck, and circular lip, which
has been broken off. It is covered with bitumen. 3^ in. high. Red terra cotta.

1408. Two small jugs, in the shape of the Greek oinochoai, or wine-jugs,
united, and having only one handle. The use of these small double bottles is
unknown1. 3^ in. high. Red terra cotta.

1409. Bowl, hemispherical, with circular moulded foot and flat bkck lip.
5f in. diameter, 2 in. high. Red terra cotta.

1410. Tall bottle, like that used for the determinative of the word kabh,
pure or cool water; long pyriform body, cylindrical neck, flat circular moulded
foot, and cylindrical handle from the lip to the body. 1 ft. 2 in. high. Bright-
red polished terra cotta2.

1 Vases of this type have also been found in Palestine, apparently of Phoenician workmanship.

2 This pottery resembles the ware now made at Siut.
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