Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1411. Bottle, num, with globular body, cylindrical neck, and mouth cup-
shaped, like the calix of a flower; probably used for holding quantities of some
viscous liquid. 5f in. high. Black glazed or polished terra cotta.

1412. Jug, in shape of a Greek cenochoe, tall neck, with seven ribbings,
leaf-shaped mouth, body with four bands of four black lines, circular foot,
banded handle. 9 in. hio-h. Broivn terra cotta.

1413. Ampulla vase, jar-shaped, with wide open mouth, moulded beneath.
It is ornamented with dark and maroon bands, and has a linen cover, 3^ in.
high. Yellow terra cotta.

1414. Small circular bowl, having inside, stamped from a seal or scarab.,


Ba en Ra, "The Soul of the Sun," variant of part of the prenomen of

Menephthah, of the 19th dynasty.

Although inscriptions are often traced in bowls and on terra cotta vessels,
it is rare to find stamped impressions of the period of the Pharaohs. 2f in.
diameter, 1^ in. high. Red terra cotta.

1415. Circular patera, with a single cylindrical handle at the side; Greek,
and not Egyptian. 3 in. diameter, 1^- in. high. Pale-red terra cotta.

1416. Bottle, in shape of a Greek cenochoe, or wine-jug, globoid body, short
neck, leaf-shaped mouth, banded handle, deep groove and four ribbings round
the body. 4J in. high. Pale-red terra cotta.

1417. Bottle, globular body, small cylindrical neck and mouth, banded
handle. 3J in. high. Pale-yellow terra cotta.

1418. Bottle, globular body, flat circular foot: neck broken, and handle
wanting. § in. high. Dark terra cotta.

1419. Flat circular patera, with recurved lips : broken. 3-J in. diameter, 1J in.
high. Red terra cotta.

1420. Jug, in shape of the Greek olpe, globular body, flat circular base,
wide open mouth, and banded handle. 4^ in. high. Pale-red terra cotta.

1421. Hemispherical bowl, inscribed with two horizontal lines of hieratic:
illegible; and sense uncertain. Red terra cotta.

1422. Vase with two handles, kind of diota, having one red and two violet
bands round the neck, and three similar stripes round the body. Terra cotta.
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