Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm


one on each side. One side of the pent roof forms the cover. On it, towards
the top, a line of black hieroglyphs, facing to the right, between two red lines,




U i J\


Suten ta kept xeni Ament neter aa heq t'eta ta f -yet neb nefer ah en ha

"Act of homage1 to [Osiris], who dwells in the West, great god, eternal'
ruler, who gives all good and pure things for Perpara."

With a white lozenge-shaped border, on which are four black bands round
the edge. The box stands on four feet, and each side has a panel of brown
colour, with a border of four black bands on a white ground. 1 ft. 4 in. long,
1 ft. high, 9 in. wide. Sycamore wood.

1460. Box, Teb, with cover in shape of a pent roof. This has a band or
ornament at each side, a kind of network of four rows of seventeen rosettes,
black upon a red ground, with a border of six black bands on a white ground.
The box stands upon four legs, down which are twenty black lozenge-shaped
ornaments on a white ground. Above the corner at each end is a mushroom-
shaped stud of ebony, and another at the short end or front, on the right
side of the cover. Parallel with the cover is a line of incuse hieroglyphs,
painted black on a white ground, and facing to the right, ^ ^ Jill



suten la help Hesar neter da heq t'eta ta per er yru ta kept heq aha apt
inenx em ans sen neter merh xei ne^ nefer anx neter em sen en ha en Per-
para. "Act of homage2 to Osiris, great god, eternal ruler, who gives sepulchral
meals of bread and beer, oxen, geese, incense, wax, all good and pure things,
the gods live off them, to Perpara."

In front, where the stud is, an artificial ornament of lotus flowers is dis-
posed, painted blue, red, white, and green. On each side of it a he-goat,
coloured yellow and red, leaps up, facing the ornament. At each corner is an

1 Or, "Osiris, who dwells in the West, has bountifully bestowed," et cet.
- Or, as before.

n a black
* oil

d ^lte col]

^d, which is T

flesh «>lour
her left ban
The chai
iein are six
the right,


a I


h to ktp R

ii U

Act of homage
?to Perpara:
M the man
^»haunch of
»* or star

*"8 and faci
te wears a
liJ pendent,
'^yellow, ,
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