Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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on the 4
se hieroglyph

pi ft W


. is15

ornament of floral character, painted green and yellow. All these figures are
on a yellow ground. This side has a border of four black parallel bands on a
white ground, and at each leg are diamond-shaped ornaments. At the right side
of the box, on the left side, is a man, Perpara, draped in a full white garment
with sleeves, his flesh coloured red, and rounded locks of hair, seated, facing to
the right, on a black high-backed chair having two lion-clawed feet. He wears
a blue and white collar, usx, round his neck, and holds a lotus flower in his
right hand, which is bent back upon his breast. Behind him is seated a female,
Uri, her flesh coloured yellow, wearing long black hair and a white garment,
placing her left hand on his left shoulder and holding a lotus flower in her
right hand. The chair is placed on a green mat upon a white stand or pedestal.
Before them are six perpendicular lines of hieroglyphs, coloured black and red,
facing to the right,


t\ n


® a

u i


n i



Suten ta hetp Ileshar hek teta ta f xei neb-t nefer ab en ka en Perpara
nebt a Uri.

"Act of homage to Osiris1, ruler of eternity, who gives all good and pure
things to Perpara: the lady of the house Uri."

Before the man is a table of viands, consisting of a papyrus flower, coloured
green, a haunch of a calf, coloured red, one circular and two oval cakes, all
on a table or stand, coloured blue. On the other side is, i i
sa f mer f Nenunn, "his son loving him, Nenunn," standing
addressing and facing him. His flesh is coloured red, hair
black; he wears a white tunic, s'enti; his right hand raised
and left pendent. He is followed by three women wearing long black hair,
their skin yellow, draped in transparent garments, each holding a lotus flower
in their right and left hands. Pound their necks are blue collars, usx. They
are called sons, not daughters, of the deceased.

Or, "Osiris lias bountifully bestowed," as before.

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