Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1462. Cover of a box, teb; on it, in high relief, part of the figure of
Osiris Pethernpamentes, standing, wearing the crown atf; the body mummied;
hands crossed one above another, right holding a crook, left a three-thonged
whip. The lower part of the figure is wanting; at the upper part are two
circular holes : coarse work. 10^ in. high, 4 in. wide. Sycamore wood.

1463. (1.) Panel of a box, which has been inlaid; on it is engraved, in
outline, a deceased person, named Aahmes, or Amosis, seated, facing to the right,
on a high-backed chair, the feet of which are in shape of lions' claws. He
wears a long headdress, namms, and a long garment, basui, to the ancles. He
holds his right hand before him over his thigh, his left, which is closed, has
in it a doubled napkin, or papyrus. Before him is an altar or table, on which
are the following viands : a bunch of onions,' hut, the haunch, xePs> OI" a cal^,
a tall jar with its cover, the head of a gazelle, two gourds, basket of fruit,
circular cake, and a tray of fruit. Under the table are two conical vases on
stands, having conical covers, and entwined with a lotus bud or flower. Before
the officer are his name and titles in two perpendicular lines of hieroglyphs,

facing to the right, ® p ~| 1=3 Ha em nit qemd Aahmes maypi,

"chief in the Southern city, Aahmes, justified." "Well executed in outline, and
inlaid with black paint. 3-J: in. long, 1\ in. high.

(2.) Panel from the opposite side of the same box; on it a horizontal line
of hieroglyphs facing to the left, inlaid in black paint:

= G
□ I

c2} °<=:\



i I i


n ^3




I a n

suten ta hetp Ed Haremayu Mehcn as am seten ta sen dux uta snab s'es hat
em drt-x en har t en ka en dqa em maat per em t'aut...ha em nu ras Aahmes

"Act of homage to Pa, Harmachis and the great Asp, attached to the
passage, who give health, to follow the heart in living as wished, to the person
of the one going in among the 30 [counsellors] coming out with the 20, the
chief in the city of the South, Aahmes justified." 3-^- in. long, 2^ in. high. Ivory.
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