Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm


two pegs, the earliest form of this symbol. On the body or sounding-board is
an oval with crossed lines. Across the cover, facing to the right, is a line of
hieroglyphs, the name of its possessor: ^ J I) [] Xrat Pa Heshar
Amenmes; "Amenmes, the youth of the temple of Osiris." This title occurs
in some inscriptions about the time of the 20th dynasty, and shows that these
boxes were used for the male, as well as the female toilet. At the top of cover
is a hole for the stud, and another for the pivot-stud at the base. At the top
of the box is a second stud, with a piece of the string, by which it was tied
and secured, in place of a lock, remaining ; all the engraved lines are inlaid with
blue pigment. in. long. Sycamore wood,

1466 b. Cover or lid of a small box, one edge rounded, at the other a pivot-
hole, on it, facing to the right, two horizontal lines of hieroglyphs:

C I Q<$ ^J Neter nefer Rd xePer ^a Amen Rd meri.

t""1"! o n n " The good god Ra-^eper-ka, beloved of Amen Ra."

The prenomen Ea-^eper-ka is that of Osortesen I. of the 12th dynasty, and
was subsequently assumed by Nectanebes II., or Nectanebo. The title of Amen
Ra, the Theban Jupiter, was quite exceptional at the time of the 12th dynasty,
although the worship of Amen had then commenced. It is to the age of the
12th dynasty that this object is to be referred, showing that most of these little
toilet boxes or spoons belong to that period. 3^ in. long. Dark wood, either
ebony or acacia.

1467. Rectangular cover of a small box ; at one end a bronze loop, at the
other a pivot-hole. -| in. wide, 1^ in. long. Dark wood, acacia.

1468 a. Spoon, or small bowl, in shape of a cartouche, handle square, with
the god Bes or Besa standing, without plumes, full face; in open work, the
tail of the lion's skin by which he is covered curved to the left. The orna-
mental lines are inlaid with blue colour. 6f in. long, f in. high. Sycamore ivood.

1468 b. Spoon with a circular bowl, which is broken; it had a chevron or
undulating border, commonly used in these objects; the handle square, having,
in relief, a naked female wearing a long headdress, namms, with an urseus and
collar, usx, walking to the right on the water, represented by four horizontal
loading ...