Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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198 spoons.

undulating lines amidst papyri, bending in each hand a stem towards her, on
it are one long flower, two short ones, and two buds. 3 in. long. Yellow


1469 a. Spoon, circular bowl, the handle, a cylindrical stem, terminating in
the recurved head of a duck. The bowl is held by a right hand, the thumb
uppermost, broken off at the wrist, which, when complete, ended the handle.
3£ in. long. Ivory.

1469 b. Thin spoon, with circular bowl, ornamented with a vandyked border
above; a fluttering duck at right side with recurved beak; on the left, part
of bird full face. On the right side a lotus and on the left a papyrus flower.
The bowl is supported by an ibex, nahi, kneeling on the right fore-knee and
facing to the right. This is one of the spoons used for the toilet by ladies
and others. These sometimes held wax or other cosmetics for the ornamenta-
tion of the person : broken, and badly repaired. 4 in. long. Ivory.

1470. Spoon, the bowl circular, the handle cylindrical, on which is an ibex,
couchant, the head recurved. 3^ in. long. Black basalt.

1471. Spoon, the bowl in shape of a cartouche, the band ornamented with
seven crossing bands on each side, and the tie below with twelve1. 4f in. long.
| in. high. Sycamore wood.

1472. Spoon in shape of a bivalve of the mussel species, probably the Indina
Nilotica: rude, and by no means fine work; probably used for the purpose of
the toilet. 3f in. long. Arragonite.

1473. Similar spoon : of fine work. 6± in> long. Same material.

1474. Spoon in shape of a mussel-shell, the Indina Nilotica. The handle
terminates in the head of a duck, bent back, and one end below, and above a
lotus flower. Sycamore wood.

1475. Spoon, circular bowl, handle in shape of a papyrus sceptre. 4f- in,
long, in. diameter of bowl.

1476. Oval basket, tena, neatly plaited, with a roof-shaped cover; orna-
mented with vandyke ornaments plaited in fibre, stained black and red. It
contained a coarse fringed linen wrap. 9 in. long, 4j in. high. Palm fibres.

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