Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1501. Mummy of a jackal, sabu, sacred animal, and living emblem of the
god Anepu, or Anubis, to whom jackals were sacred. The ears are modelled
and the eyes also, with straps to show them. The lower part of the head has
maroon bandages, and there are two vertical straps down the body with narrow
crossing bandages in two patterns. The eyes are maroon and the brows of the
usual colour. 1 ft. 1| in. high.

1502. Mummy of a cat, inau, the sacred animal and living emblem of the
gods Sekhet and Bast. Mummies of this animal are found at Thebes and
elsewhere. The head and ears are shown, and the body is packed in a cylin-
droid shape, rounded at the end. There is a spiral strip round the outer
bandages. Decayed and in bad condition. 7f in. long.

1503. Mummy of a cat; the head is shown, but not the ears. It is other-
wise mummied in a similar shape in a coarse outer wrap, with a maroon strap
round the neck. 10 in. Ions'.

1504. Mummy of a cat; head, ears, and eyes shown. The eyes are formed
of pads. The body cylindroid, as before, with coarse outer linen wrap or cover,
and five compartments in front formed by narrow bands with reticulated thread.
Three narrow bands of maroon colour and four plain ones round the neck.
1 ft. 5 in. high. Thebes.

1505. Mummy of an ibis, hab, bird, emblem of the god Tahuti, or Thoth,
to whom it was sacred, its name signifying the "messenger," and the same
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