Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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^figores belo:
loathe bodie!
: Papyri seel

NETWORK OF MUMMIES. J sioliiar scepi

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1518. Piece of beaded work from the outer covering or network of a ^!ar column sur
mummy, made of red and blue annular beads. 1-| in. long. Porcelain. -git the easel

1519. Pendant in shape of the goddess Tahur—Taur or Thoueris—the wife J one of tin
and companion of Typhon, and often found in the mythological scenes as the on the n
companion of the god Bes, having the shape of a hippopotamus, covered, with
the tail of a crocodile, holding before her the tie or amulet, 5a, and a symbol
of life, standing, facing to the right: ringed. ^ in. long. Blue porcelain.

1520. Similar figure. ^ in. long. Same material.

1521. Bes, standing in his usual type, as a man with bowed legs, wearing
on his head a cornice and plumes : very rude. ■§ in. long. Blue 'porcelain.

1522. Bead in shape of the goddess Ta-ur or Thoueris, wife or companion * War oh
of Set or Bes, in the shape of a hippopotamus, standing erect, her back covered \ Similar ob
with a crocodile's tail, going to the right, holding in her hands on the ground

before her the symbols ^ jQj anx sa, life and protection. \ in. high. Blue


1523. Bead or pendant from the outer network of a mummy, having in
relief a man, facing to the right, kneeling on an emblem of the festivals or ' ^ar °t
panegyrics, holding a palm-branch, notched, in each hand, and having on each 81 ^milar ol
side the symbol good; the whole meaning "millions of good festivals." These ^'Similar o
objects were inlaid with lines of hieroglyphs, of which they formed a part.

11 in. high. Blue porcelain. '%A * °J

«we spirit

ykn art, eithei
:: tmblem of li

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