Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1564. Similar object [tat], f in. high. Light-green porcelain.

1565. Similar object, f in. long. Same material.

1566. Similar object. 1^ in. high. Dark-green porcelain.

1567. Similar object. 11 in. high. Same material.

1568. Similar object. 1| in. high. Same material.

1569. Similar object. 1^ in. high. Same material.

1570. Similar object. 2^- in. high. Light-green porcelain.

1571. Similar object; on it traces of gilding. 2^-in. high. Same material.

1572. Similar object; no ring above. 2\ in. high. Same material.

1573. Similar object; ring above. 1^ in. high. Same material.

1574. Similar object. 1 in. high. Same material.

1575. Papyrus sceptre, xu> fr°m the outer network or collar ornamentation
of a mummy of the Roman period; gilded. 1 in. high. Sycamore wood.

1576. Tat, or emblem of stability |j, with four horizontal bars, the upper
part only remaining: pierced. \ in. long. Green porcelain.

1577. Papyrus sceptre, yii, used by female divinities, and also as an amulet
[see § 17, Sepulchral Amulets]; from the outer covering or network of a
mummy: ringed above for suspension. 1^ in. high. Light-blue porcelain.

1578. Similar sceptre. 1£ in. high. Same material.

1579. Similar sceptre: ring above, broken. 1| in. high. Same material.

1580. Similar sceptre, f in. high. Same material.

1581. Similar sceptre. 1} in. high. Same material.

1582. Similar sceptre, the head or flower notched; three bands round the
neck; at the base the sheath of the papyrus plant. If in. high. Light greenish-
blue porcelain.

1583. Papyrus sceptre, xu> plam> witn rmg at s^e to attacn> fr°m tne
network or outer covering of a mummy. If in. high. Light-blue porcelain.

1584. Similar sceptre: ring above. 1| in. high. Same material.

1585. Scarabasus, xePer> nse& as pendant to a necklace, or attached to the
beaded work of a mummy; striated elytra; ring for suspension, § in. long.
Blue porcelain.

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