Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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a border with an ornament in places of five lines, recurrent at equal spaces.
On the reverse is an emblem of stability, or Tat, placed between two
buckles, or Ta, often found on these objects, and the meaning of which is un-
certain. Above, in the upper border, are four holes for cords to suspend it
from the neck. 3-J in. long, 2| in. high. Dark-green or blue composition, much

1590. Scarabseus, \eper, from the pectoral plate placed outside of a mummy
with the network of bugles. These pectoral plates, uta, formed portions of the
adornment of the dead : the insect was placed vertically in these plates in the
midst of a solar boat, adored by Isis and Nephthys, showing that the scarabseus
symbolized Osiris. In addition to these deities, the deceased is sometimes seen
in adoration of the boat, or else the scene is replaced by Osiris in his usual
type, seated on his throne. The base of these scarabsei has often the formula
of the chapter of the heart, c. xxx. and c. lxiv. of the Book of the Dead, or
Ritual; but some varieties occur, and the present scarabseus, which has plain
elytra, has on the base a dedication to Osiris for a priestess named Tent^ons,
in five horizontal lines of hieroglyphs,

suten ta hetp Heshar neb heh
tuaut neteri ra neb
ta f ta heh en Hesar

qemai en Amen Tent

" Act of offering to Osiris, lord of ages; adoration to the god daily who

has given bread and beer to the Osiris, priestess of Amon Tentxons......."

Not pierced; period of the 22nd dynasty. 2 in. long. Blue corn-position.

1591. Scarabseus, xePer> fr°m the uta, pectoral plate, or pendant hung round
the neck of a mummy, and generally in shape of the front of a pylon or
doorway. On the oval base are seven horizontal lines of hieroglyphs, part
of the usual formula, c. 64, 1. 34—36 of the <c Book of the Dead," or " Ritual."
2| in. long. Black porcelain.
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