Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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214 objects from the outer network op mummies.

1592. Body of a scarabaeus, \eper, taken from the outer network of a
mummy. These networks, made of bugle beads and figures of porcelain, generally
of a blue, but sometimes of different colours, had often a scarabasus represented
flying with outstretched wings on the chest. The wings were generally made of
the same material of blue colour, and attached by cords to the body of
the flying scarabaBi, which was called dp. These scarabsei are only found on
the mummies of a later period, earlier ones not having been decorated with
this network, which probably symbolised the net in which the body of Osiris
or his scattered limbs had been fished up from the bed of the Nile, into
which it had been thrown; the present specimen is much decomposed. 1| in.
long. Blue porcelain.

1593. Scarabasus, yeper; from the network of a mummy, striated with four
bands at the junction of the elytra, and having four holes for the thread to
sew it to the wings of the insect. 2f in. long. Light-blue porcelain.

1594. Hand; flat, pierced. J in. long. Green beryl.

1595. Pendant hand, in shape of a pomegranate, reeded. in. long. Blue

1596. Pomegranate flower in profile, ringed. •§ in. long. Purple porcelain.

1597. Bead, in shape of the lower part of the pschent, placed on a basket;
ringed for suspension. in. long. Blue porcelain.

1598. Oval stamp, handle slightly arched, and on the base Mentu Pa walking
to the right, having an urseus serpent before him; coarse work. 1|- in. long.
Blue porcelain.

1599. Stamp, with raised and reeded handle; on the base, in intaglio, jj ^

reed or feather and urasus, emblematic perhaps of the goddess Truth. 1J in.
long. Blue porcelain.


1600. Cartouche; bead or pendant of a collar, usy; on it


peh, prenomen of Pameses I. of the 18th dynasty; above and below, a ring for
suspension; flat behind. 1| in. long. Blue porcelain.
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