Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm


of squares, or else suspended as drops. On it is engraved or cut in the material
^ J Neter nefer Rd men y&per ta anx, "The good god Ra-men ^eper, the
<^>l giver of life," the prenomen and titles of Thothmes III. of the 18th

dynasty. At this period the use of opaque blue glass as an imitation
of lapis lazuli, xes^ei> appears to have prevailed; bezels of rings, small
A y toilet bottles and other inlaid objects with this material having come
into use. 2 in. long. Dark-blue glass.

1615. Conoid bugle, from the net-work of a mummy, plain and uninscribed ;
pierced through its long diameter. 1-f in. long. Dark-blue glass.

1616. Similar bugle. If in. long. Same material.

1617. Similar bugle. 1J in. long. Same material.

1618. Similar bugle. If in. long. Same material.

1619. Similar bugle: broken. 11 in. long. Same material.

1620. Similar bugle, of a turquoise blue colour, imitation of the material
called mafka, or supposed turquoise. If in. long. Light-blue opaque glass.

1621. Similar bugle. 1|- in. long. Same material.

1622. Similar bugle. 1-J in. long. Blue porcelain.

1623. Hemicylindroid bugle ; convex on one side and fiat behind, pierced
through its long axis to thread as a bead or pendant: red composition, appa-
rently an imitation of red jasper or carnelian, substances much used in Egyptian
jewelry. If in. long. Opaque red glass.

1624. Hemicylindroid bead or bugle, but pointed at each end like an obtuse
cone, grooved as if to attach to some other object: on it is engraved a perpen-
dicular line of hieroglyphs :


"Says the Osiris, Amen ha [son] of Aatet/

Tut en ITeshar Amen ha en Aa tet,

f f
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