Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1640. Model of a finger-ring of blue porcelain; on it, in relief, a duck
seated, head recurved on the back. -| in. long. Blue porcelain.

1647. Model of a finger-ring, with bezel in shape of an urseus, which the
stem, in form of two papyrus sceptres, ^u, clasps by the top of papyrus flowers.
I in. diameter. Bright sky-blue glass.

1648. Model of a finger-ring; at the bezel a scarabams and two circular
bosses holding it: flat hemicylindroid band. 1 in. diameter. Light-blue porcelain.

1649. Model of a ring, the bezel in shape of the latus or carp fish, aten.
in. diameter. Bright-blue porcelain, almost glass.

1650. Model of a finger-ring, teb, with oval bezel on it; Tutan^amen het
An, " Tutan^amen, ruler of Heliopolis or Hermonthis," name and title of this
monarch of the 18th dynasty. -| in. diameter. Green porcelain, the ring of «,
grass-green colour.


1651. Bezel of a model finger-ring; oval, on it Ra neb ^eperu,


prenornen of the monarch Tutan^amen of the 18th dynasty, f in. long. Light-
blue porcelain.

1652. Model of a finger-ring, teb, with bezel, in shape of a cartouche; on
it, in intaglio, Ra user ma satep en Rd, the prenornen of Barneses II. of the
19th dynasty : broken, f in. diameter. Grayish-green pjorcelain.

1653. Model of a finger-ring; broken, and no symbol. § in. long. Blue
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