Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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Amulets of hard stone were deposited with the dead, principally round the
necks of the mummies, and had certain mystical qualities, by which it was
supposed they preserved the body from injury or decay, or aided the deceased
in the future state. Some of them are mentioned in the later chapters of the
Book of the Dead, or Ritual; but many of those in common use are not
found in that book, although one, the pillow, is described in the earlier

1654. Amulet in shape of a disk on a stand, representing the emblem of
the Sun's orbit, sne, a symbol often repeated on sepulchral tablets and other
monuments. Its use and virtue are not known, as it is not mentioned in the
Book of the Dead, or Ritual. At one time these amulets were supposed to be
used for a game, but they are often, as in the present specimen, pierced,
evidently for the purpose of suspension. They are found made of various
materials. f7 in. Lapis lazuli.

1655. Similar disk on stand: not pierced, f in. high. Steatite.

1656. Similar disk on stand, § in. high. Green felspar.

1657. Amulet, in shape of the circular solar disk on the hill or horizon,
^u, carved on each side. The use and virtue of this amulet are unknown, and
are not mentioned in the Ritual, f in. Red jasper.

1658. Similar solar disk on the horizon, f in. long. Burnt jasj^er.

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