Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1659. Similar solar disk, flat behind. £ in. high. Composition imitating

1660. Index and first finger of the right hand ; sepulchral amulet occasionally
found in the interior of the abdomen of mummies: the nails are indicated.
The exact virtue of this amulet is unknown, not being explained in the Book
of the Dead, or Ritual. Many meanings are attached to the two fingers in the
hieroglyphs ; as mater, judgment: mas'a, weight: aha, heart; but the reason of
placing the amulet is not apparent, although perhaps on account of its relation
to the heart it may have been considered preservative of that organ. These
amulets are generally, but not always, of obsidian. 2§ in. long. Black obsidian.

1661. Similar amulet; the nails not indicated. 2§ in. long. Dark steatite.

1662. Heart, hat; on it, in intaglio, seven lines of hieroglyphs: (r)

"1 X "fa—

C8 ? I"V



suten ta Ileshar neter an hek t'eta, " Offering to Osiris, the great god, eternal
ruler." The rest is unintelligible, but appears to be intended for part of chapters
80 and 64 of the Kitual. The inscription ends with two symbolical eyes.
If authentic, of a late period; pierced. If in. long. Pale steatite.

1663. Heart, hat; having on one side x=x, the shuttle, emblem of the
goddess Nit, or Neith, and the bird ~SsFS, Bennu, the Nycticorax, or supposed
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