Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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phoenix, facing to the right. Before this bird is inscribed Nuk ba xePer> ' ^jch ^


" I am the soul of the god ^eper," a form of Ra or the Sun, of which this ' tyye

bird was also considered to be the mystical heart. On the reverse are five lines ' y^gli'ft

of hieroglyphs, the formula for the heart, ch. 64, 1. 34 and following, of the

Book of the Dead1, for 1 fR ^ ^ 1^ fj) 0 4|} [] J > Heshar suten an Suti

mes ona xru> " The Osirian royal scribe Sutimes justified." This name appears
to have come into use about the time of the 19th dynasty. If in. long. Green
glazed steatite.

1664. Heart, hat or abt, having side projection, and engraved on it
Tet en TIeshar hen neter Saru^i, " The words of the Osirian prophet
Saruchi." These amulets of the heart probably had the same supposed
efficacy as the scarabteus, and are often inscribed with the same formula.
From the title of Osiris, it is evidently not prior to the 19th dynasty,
t^j^ and the name is apparently Aramsean, resembling the Hebrew Sirach.

The inscription is incomplete, the usual sepulchral formulas not having been
Ml inscribed upon it, above a ring. 2^ in. high. Brown stone.

1665. Similar object. ■§ in. high. Green stone.

1666. Similar object; ring, pierced, fin. high. Green jasper.

1667. Similar object, § in. high. Dark stone.

1668. Similar object, fin. high. Black obsidian.

1669. Similar object. § in. high. Green serpentine.

1670. Similar object, f in. high. Obsidian.

1671. Similar object. in. high. Lapis lazuli.

1672. Similar object, gilded. ^ in. high. Dark steatite.

1673. Similar object, with ring, f in. high. Blue porcelain.

1674. Similar object; no ring, back-ground blue, with five white stripes;
pierced vertically. f in. long. Opaque glass.

1 Lepsius, Todteribuch, Taf. xxvi. c 64.
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