Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm


belongs to the class of sepulchral amulets, but its position and virtues are
unknown, not being mentioned in the Book of the Dead, or Ritual. 1^ in.
high. Dark haematite.

1682. Similar amulet. 11 in. high. Red jasper.

1683. Similar amulet, but having a rectangular and vertical plinth behind.
1 in. high. Basalt.

1684. Similar amulet; the feathers plain, plinth behind. f in. high. Black

1685. Similar amulet; ring behind. 1 in. high. Black obsidian.

1686. Similar amulet; ring behind. f> in. high. Serpentine.

1687. Similar amulet. •§■ in. high. Black obsidian.

1688. Similar amulet of two ostrich feathers, but base flat and not pointed :
ring behind, f- in. high. Dark stone.

1689. Similar amulet, li in. high. Dark serpentine.

1690. Similar amulet. -| in. high. Black obsidian.

1691. Similar amulet; plinth behind, not pierced. 1 in. high. Dark schist.

1692. Amulet, in shape of two ostrich-plumes, represented tied at the top
by three grooves or lines; base bevelled. 1|- in. high. Dark schist.

1693. Similar amulet, the plumes convex above and flat behind. 1^ in. high.
Black obsidian.

1694. Amulet, in shape of two plumes or feathers of the tail of the hawk,
which appear as part of the head-attire of the solar gods Amen Ra, Mentu
Ra, and others, as distinguished from the ostrich feathers of the sepulchral
deities. Mystical ideas were attributed to these feathers in the head-attire of
the god Amsi, Khem or Min, as that they represented Isis and Nephthys, or the
eyes of the god. Their place on the dead is not known, but they were probably,
like other amulets, strung round the neck; their particular virtue or efficacy is
not known, as they are not figured or described in the Book of the Dead,
or Ritual. 1 in. high. Green basalt.

1695. Similar amulet. 1 in. high. Green serpentine.

1696. Similar amulet; ring behind. 1-| m- high- Green felspar.

1697. Collar, usx, pierced in three places. An amulet in shape of a collar
of gold was ordered by ch. 158 of the Book of the Dead, or Ritual, to be
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