Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1716. Body of a papyrus sceptre; on it, in intaglio, a vertical line of

the name and titles of the deceased for whom the amulet was made, which were
sometimes inserted on the object. More exceptional is the inscription of the
whole of the 159th chapter of the Ritual which is sometimes found on these
sepulchral amulets. 1£ in. long. Green felspar.

1717. End of a papyrus sceptre, xu> or Uat, one °f ^ne amulets ordered to
be placed on the necks of mummies, but for what reason is not stated. The
formulae to be inscribed upon it and the directions for its use are given in the
159th chapter of the Ritual, or Book of the Dead. It is also mentioned in the
125th chapter. This amulet was by preference made of a green stone, either
from that colour resembling the Papyrus, or that certain mystical virtues were
attributed to that material. These sepulchral amulets appear to have been intro-
duced at a late period into the religious system of Egypt, § in. high. Green

1718. Square tablet, on which, in relief, is a papyrus sceptre, xu> amulet
ordered to be made to the god Thoth, and inscribed with the formula of the
160th chapter of the Book of the Dead, or Ritual, to be placed at the neck
of the mummy. The material is also specified as that of the present specimen:
above a ring for suspension, not pierced. 1 in. high. Green felspar.

1719. Similar papyrus sceptre, without bands round the neck, ring not
pierced. |- in. long. Same material.

1720. Similar papyrus. 1| in. long. Same material.

1721. Similar sceptre, pierced. If in. long. Serpentine.


Uesar mer s'a Ra Aai mayru,

"The Osirian [deceased] superintendent of the books of Ra,
(or the sun,) Aai justified
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