Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm
round it


and in the word samta, or burial. It is one of the class of sepulchral amulets,
but its position on the body and supposed virtues are not known, as it is not
mentioned in the Book of the Dead, or Ritual; it is usually made of obsidian,
and the present specimen has horizontal bands engraved across it. At the top
is a ring for suspension ; not pierced or finished. 1^ in. long. Obsidian.

1744. Similar amulet, having a horizontal line at the base, the whole
probably intended for the word sam-ta, or "funeral." I-J in. long. Black

1745. Pillow, urs; amulet mentioned in the text of some Rituals1, in shape
of a lune on a column on a rectangular pedestal, § in. high. Hwmatite.

1746. Similar pillow; pillar moulded, f in. high. Same material.

1747. Similar pillow, on a double pedestal, f in. high. Same material.

1748. Similar pillow. -} in. high. Same material.

1749. Similar pillow, kind of spherical support on double pedestal, f in.
oMM high. Same material.

1750. Similar pillow; pillar or support has on it a device like an I. in.
high. Same material.

1751. Similar pillow, support plain. § in. high. Same material.

1752. Similar pillow, •§ in. high. Same material.

1753. Similar pillow, § in. high. Same material.

1754. Similar pillow; rude, f in. high. Same material.

1755. Similar pillow, f in. high. Same material.

1756. Similar pillow, f in. high. Same material.

b. &* 1757. Similar pillow; very rude. § in. high. Same material.

1758. Similar pillow; coarse, very rude, the bottom cut oval. -J in. high,
h ^ Same material.

1759. Pillow, usual shape; used as an amulet or pendant, pierced through
the support, f in. high. Green porcelain.


^ j 1 Zeitschrift fur agyptische Sprache, 1868, p. 52.

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