Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1760. Amulet, in shape of a pyramid, abmer, on a base ; use and virtue
unknown, and not mentioned in the Book of the Dead, or Ritual: above a
small ring for suspension, pierced. -| in. square. Green felspar.

1761. Similar pyramid, f in. square, -§ in. high. Lapis lazuli.

1762. Similar pyramid, j in. square, f in. high. Same material.

1763. Similar pyramid, the side slightly concave. £ in. square, J in. high.

Same material.

1764. Similar pyramid, the ring not pierced. ■§ in. square, £ in. high. Same

1765. Level, or set square [Lj amulet, in shape of this object, apparently

of a late period, about the 20th dynasty, and constantly found on the mummies
of that period, its purport unknown, as it does not appear amongst those of the
Ritual. The set square [p represented in Egyptian hieroglyphs the angle or
corner, and is found determinative of many words connected with it,' as
amen, to hide: cillu, a hall: Jceribit, a pillar or corner stone, etc. These little
amulets are neither pierced nor have rings attached for suspension, and are found
in the cavity of the chest of mummies. Although of different shapes, they are
all of one material. |- in. x § in. long, i in. wide. Hcematite.

1766. Similar amulet, f in. x % in. long, -J in. wide. Same material

1767. Similar amulet, § in. x -J in. long, i in. wide. Same material.

1768. Similar amulet (level), f in. x f in. high, i in. wide. Same material.

1769. Similar amulet, f in. x \ in. long, ^ in. wide. Same material.

1770. Similar amulet. -J in. x ^ in. long, -J in. wide. Same material.

1771. Level or square, ^A^ solid, with an acute angle at the apex; two

equal sides, solid, and small square piece notched out below; determinative in
the hieroglyphs of the idea xeX> to level or adjust, f- in. high. Hcematite.

1772. Similar amulet. -| in. high. Same material.

1773. Similar level. -J in. high. Same material.

1774. Similar level. £ in. high. Same material.

1775. Similar level, § in. high. Same material.
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