Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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The line at the right side is,

amayi yer Mesta,

"devoted to Mesta," or "Amset," the first genius of the Amenti,
L— or Hades.

U JO -

The band on the left side is,



amayi yer Hapi,
" devoted to Hapi," the second genius of the Amenti, or Hades.


That at the head, grouped, facing to the right, reads,
(|"^\ ^ ■ «' : Tet Ha Heshar mer a Amenhetp ma yru rer,

,_, "The words, Oh, Osirian superintendent of the house

n \ —3 Amenhetep, justified, go round." Part of an imperfect
( l~J <:::> address, probably from a chapter of the Ritual.

Probably about the time of the 19th dynasty, B.C. 1200. 6-J in. long, 1\ in. high.
Calcareous stone.

1828. Coffin, coloured white, holding within it part of a cartonage or
outer covering of a mummy. On it is Amset, the first genius of the Amenti,
wearing a cornice of yellow colour on his head, standing facing to the right,
his body white, holding a green doubled bandlet or sash. Above this is
a cornice of fifteen supposed spear-heads or flagstaff's, ^ yaher, coloured red
and green, and before the figure of Amset a badly written perpendicular line
of hieroglyphs, facing to the right,

In — ■

I ^ yru.

Tet en Ams un em sa ma hars Hesher...[yon]su ma

| [ffh "Says Amset, I am behind (protecting) the coffin of

^. the Osirian ... Khons justified."

-|| 1 ft. 7 in. high, 8£ in. wide. Sycamore wood.
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