Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm
sepulchral figures.


been discovered. Several hundreds were often found deposited in the same
tomb, and as they are then of different fabrics, apparently made by various
manufacturers, occasionally the place for the name of the deceased is left

1832. Sepulchral figure of Rameses III., king of the 20th dynasty, head
wearing long headdress, namms, banded, body mummied, hands crossed. Down
the body is a perpendicular line of hieroglyphs, facing to the right, incised :




ft a

TTesar suten Ra user mes meri Amen ma
■^ru ra neb. "The Osirian king, Ra user
ma Meri en Amen, justified daily;"

o I

the prenomen and titles of the king. Fair execution, but doubtful on account
of its material. 41 in. high, !•£ in. wide. Copper.

1833. Sepulchral figure, s'abti, us'abti, of Rameses VI., king of the 20th
dynasty, head wearing a long headdress, namms, collar, usx, hands crossing,
holding plough and hoe, and cord of basket slung on shoulder. Down the body
is a perpendicular line of hieroglyphs, facing right:


S-hut hesar neb tata Ra neb ma meri Amen.
" Luminous is the Osirian lord of the two
countries, Ra neb ma meri Amen ;"


the last word the prenomen of the king. The whole is rudely formed, the
details not carved, but painted in a wax of green-black colour, shewing the
great decay of the arts at the period. 4f in. high. Arragonite.
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