Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1834. Sepulchral figure of the same king, but without any name or titles;
the details painted in the same colour and material on the body: two red and
two green vertical lines. 4-§ in. high. Arragonite.

1835. Sepulchral figure, s'abti, us'ahti, of a person not named, wearing a long
headdress, namms, collar, us^, round the neck, body mummied, mer em hebs;
hands emerging from garment, each holding a plough; rectangular basket on the
right shoulder; uninscribed. 6-J in. high, 2^ in. wide. Calcareous stone.

1836. Sepulchral figure, s'abti, us'abti, of a person not named, head wearing a
Jong headdress, namms, with traces of blue colour; no hands or arms, plinth or
pedestal. Round the body are engraved six horizontal lines of hieroglyphs, the
6th chapter of the Book of the Dead or Ritual, for a person whose name is
illegible : it is much decayed. 8 in. high, 2| in. wide. Calcareous stone.

1837. Upper part of a sepulchral figure, the head wearing a wig, namms,
or long hair falling in curls from the top of the head, and short beard, with
side lappets; a collar, us^, round the neck, of six rows, the last of which are
drops. Hands crossed, wearing bracelets, men nefer en Jcab, at the wrists; the
right hand holding a plough, the left a hoe, and cord of basket on the left
shoulder. The dress has plaited sleeves : it is of very fine work, and apparently
of the time of the 19th dynasty. 4 in. high. Darh steatite.

.1838- Sepulchral figure, s'abti, us'abti, wearing a long headdress, namms, pointed
and in the style of the 20th dynasty, the body draped in a long garment reaching
to the ankles, with full ample sleeves, collar, usx, round the neck ; hands crossed
on the breast; no plinth. 8§ in. high. Arragonite.

1839. Similar figure, but with the headdress, namms, squared, and not of the
style of the 20th dynasty. 7f in. high. Arragonite.

1840. Sepulchral figure, s'abti, us'abti, of \J ^ 1 ||j [ J Hesar

Apmatenmes ma, " The Osiris Apmatenmes justified;" head wearing a long
fluted headdress, namms, body mummied, the feet represented through the
bandages; on the neck a pendant in shape of the amulet of a heart. On it
are five horizontal lines of incuse hieroglyphs, the text of the 6th chapter of
the Ritual, and the name of the deceased; down the body behind a perpendi-
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