Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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cular line of hieroglyphs, commencing with the phrase, "Luminous is," etc.
5-^ in. high, 2J in. wide. Dark steatite.

1841. Sepulchral figure of ® 0 ^ ^ Rarnessu, entitled "The Osirian1

Barneses, scribe of the table, hutu, or huthu," probably of the king; the head
wearing a fluted headdress, namms, a collar, us^, round the neck, bracelets on
the wrist, and a basket on the back slung by two cords. On it are one
perpendicular and six horizontal lines of incised hieroglyphs, the usual formula
of the 6th chapter of the Book of the Dead, or Ritual, and the titles of the

deceased ' ffj r ^amessu> the name is repeated: pierced; of the 20th

dynasty. 6^ in. high, 2f in. wide. Dark steatite.

1842. Sepulchral figure, s'abti or us abti, of Tj) If, ft ' -D ] (1 S§\ Hesar

an Baenanda, "The Osirian scribe Baenanta," draped and adorned in the costume
of the 19th dynasty, the hair with side lappets of curls, the garment fringed

and tied, the hands crossing, the left holding the amulet u tat, the right the

amulet ^ ta, showing the use of these amulets subsequently placed round the

neck and ordered to be there disposed by the 155th and 156th chapters of
the Book of the Dead, or Bitual. There is a perpendicular line of incised hiero-
glyphs down the body and four horizontal similar lines around, the 6th chapter
of the Book of the Dead, or Bitual, for the deceased. 6f in. high. Arragonite.

1843. Sepulchral figure of ^ ( (j =0= |Jj Ilesar Anaa, " The Osiris,"
or "deceased Anaa;" head wearing a long headdress, namms, the eyebrows and
pupils painted black, a collar, usx, of four rows round the neck, the hands
crossed, each holding a plough, and the cord of a basket slung on the left
shoulder; no pedestal at feet or plinth behind. Bound the body are six hori-
zontal and one perpendicular line of incised hieroglyphs, the 6th chapter of the
Book of the Dead, or Bitual. 9-J in. high, 3 in. wide. Calcareous stone.

1844. Sepulchral figure of a person unnamed, a blank space being left for
the name in the first line; head wearing a long headdress, namms, round the
neck a collar, usx, ^ne nands coming out and crossed, each holding a plough.

1 This term " Osirian" is either attached to the name of the deceased, or left out on these figures; it
came into general use about the beginning of the 19th dynasty, and aids, by its appearance or absence, to
determine the age of the figures.

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