Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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hoe and cord of basket slung on shoulder, left holding a hoe; square pedestal
at foot, and plinth behind. Round the body are eight horizontal lines of incuse
hieroglyphs, the 6th chapter of the Book of the Dead, or Ritual for the deceased.
Fine work. lOJ in. high, 2f in. wide. Bluish-green porcelain.

1892. Sepulchral figure, s'ahti or us'abti, of j5^" @ .§> X 21 Hesar
un ru Rd uah ah heh: " The Osirian door-keeper," or mouth-opener, " Uah-ab-ra
heb, justified;" face bearded, head wearing a long headdress, namms, body mum-
mied in bandages, hands crossed, the right holding plough, the left a hoe and
the cord of a basket slungf over the left shoulder. One horizontal and one
perpendicular line of incuse hieroglyphs down the body, behind a plinth ; period
of the 26th dynasty. 4 in. high. Yellowish-green porcelain.

1893. Similar figure. in. high. Light-green porcelain.

1894. Sepulchral figure ef ^ } <j & Y S J^tU P ¥ I fl ) ij P I
Hesar yent neter Icarheb da en Bast mer neferu Uah ra ah rues en Tatyuata
ma vru: " The Osirian" or deceased " prophet, chief minister of Bast, superin-
tendent of the linen, Uahabra, born of Takhuata, justified;" wearing a long
head attire, namms, face bearded, body mummied, hands emerging, holding plough
and hoe, and basket over left shoulder; plinth behind. Bound the body eight
horizontal lines of incuse hieroglyphs, the usual formula, 6th chapter of the Book
of the Dead, or Bitual. Time of 26th dynasty. 7 in. high. Pale-green porcelain.

1895. Sepulchral figure, s'abti, us'abti, of ^"{"j^k^J^JJ^^ J~i\ J %

|jj P ^ ^\ {j\ 1 if) Hesar yent neter en aat1 tennu hah en Har mer neferu
Uah ra ah mes en Tayautq: "The Osirian" or deceased "prophet of the place
of the hawk, superintendent of the linen, Uahabra, born of Takhauta;" wearing a
long reeded head-attire, namms, and collar, usy, round the neck, body mummied ;
on pedestal, and plinth behind: hands coming out, right holding a plough, left
hoe, and cord of a semicircular basket slung on right shoulder. Bound the body
nine lines of incuse hieroglyphs, the 6th chapter of the Book of the Dead, or
Bitual for the deceased. Fine work; 26th dynasty. 7% in. high. Light-blue

1 Either l^^J aat, or possibly c2d xu> the horizon.
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