Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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rnau," shewing, as before, the phonetic equivalent of (j , equal to ^ £

on the other figures. 4f in. high. Pale-blue 'porcelain.

1903. Similar figure. 4§ in. high. Same material.

1904. Sepulchral figure, s'abti, us'abti, of "Ig^ fif I o Saxeperhesi, " Sa-
kheper-hesi," or " Nas-kheper-[en]hesi," as before; similar to the preceding. 3^- in.
high. Blue porcelain.

1D05. Similar figure of the same, son of Ankh-en-mau. 3f- in. high. Blue

1906. Sepulchral figure, s'abti, us'abti, of " Sakheperhesi;" bearded, wearing
a long head-attire, namms, collar, usx> round the neck; mummied, with pedestal
and plinth; the hands coming out, crossed, left holding a plough, right hoe,
and cord of basket slung on the shoulder. A perpendicular line down the body

and another down the shoulder |1 i "jzH j2^" ^ j ^ shut Hesar sa xePer
hesi, " Luminous is the Osiris, Sa-kheper-hesi." 3f in. high. Light-blue porce-

1907. Similar figure. 3£- in. high. Same material.

1908. Similar figure. 3} in. high. Same material.

1909. Sepulchral figure, s'abti, us'abti, of |j| j Hesar Has or Sa

xeper en hesi, " The Osirian Sa-kheper-en-hesi," similar to the preceding. On
the body one perpendicular line of incuse hieroglyphs, and another on the
plinth behind. 4| in. high. Light-blue porcelain.

1910. Similar figure, the name with the variant of | | ^ "Nas
Xcperenhesir 4|- in. high. Same material.

1911. Similar figure, said to be born of Ankhenmer. 4| in. high. Same

1912. Sepulchral figure of the same, with the name of his mother, written
with the variant ^ ^ (j - Anxcnmau. 4f in. high. Light-blue porcelain.

1913. Similar figure. 4§ in. high. Same material.

1914. Sepulchral figure, s'abti, us'abti, of Sakheperhesi, born of the lady
A nkhmat; her name is written with the variant ^ 2^5^" ^e %ure
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