Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm


described, holding a censer or amshoir in form of a vase, with, handle in shape

of a hand, offering incense to his mother and father, and purifying the offerings.

Under the table is a bronze jug, namms, for pouring out water, a lotus-shaped

basin, and a basket of figs, teba.

The inscription commences with the date of the burial of the deceased :
"The 13th year of the majesty of the king of upper and lower Egypt,

Ea-kheper-ka1, giver of life and health for ever!"

Then follows the sepulchral dedication in twelve lines :

"Act of homage2 to Osiris, lord of Tattu [Abusir], great god, lord of
Abutu [Abydos]; act of homage to Ap-heru or Ap-matennu [Anubis], lord of
Taser [Hades]; act of homage to Hekt3 and Khnum; act of homage to the
gods in Abutu [Abydos], who have given sepulchral meals of food and drink,
bread, cattle, fowl, clothes, supplies, food, all good and pure things upon which
a god lives, to the worthy superintendent of the house, Tatau, who says, Oh!
ye living on earth who pass by this chamber, whether going or stopping, whether
scribes or ministers4 or prophets of this temple, the name of which is excellent,
who hold in honour the temple of Osiris, hold ye out the hand, or forthwith
the festival of the manifestation of the head5, at the festival of the great
manifestation6, at the festival of the heat [or solstice], at the monthly festivals
and half-monthly festivals, and all the festivals of Abutu [Abydos], to the
worthy superintendent of the house, Tatau; may a hand be given to him from
the barge, may he hear the address in the gate of the cemetery; the night
of the festival, hahera, or, 'come thou to me at the laying out.' May 'come
in peace' be said to him by the chiefs of Abutu [Abydos], to the worthy
superintendent of the house, Tatau, justified."

The short line to the right applies to his brother Eanakar and his wife :
"His brother Eanakar, his beloved wife Ant."
3 ft. 10 in. high, 2 ft. 1^ in. wide. Calcareous stone.

1 Prenomen of Usertcsen I.

2 For the other proposed form that Osiris has bountifully given, etc., see ante.

3 Frog-headed goddess, wife and companion of Khnum, Xnum, or Clmoumis.

4 Hebltar, compare heb, " a bard." Pierrot, Vocdbulaire, p. 352.

5 Perhaps the manifestation of Ams, or Amsi, the otherwise called Khem, or Mm, the Amnion Ilorus.
0 Of Osiris.
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