Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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The name of the wife of Amenemha is omitted. It is of the period of the
12th dynasty.

2 ft. 5i in. high, 1 ft. 5 in. wide \

1942. Sepulchral tablet, hutu, with rounded top, dated in the "3rd year" of
the reign of a monarch not mentioned. It contains twenty-one perpendicular
lines, the register or genealogy of a family, and no sepulchral dedication. They
are as follows :

1. Akarsnab, son of Teta. 8. Anhetp, her daughter Satperha.

2. Akarsnab, son of Arat. 9. Kamapi neferu—justified.

3. Satuhima, son of Nehaten. 10. Mentuaa, son of Ranefankh.

4. Aba, son of Bara. 11. Antef, son of Ranefankh.

5. Ara, son of Bara. 12. Teftefa.

6. Tattusebak. 13. The priest Saheka.

7. Amensat, daughter of Suatemabutu. 14. Ranefsnab.

The last lines from the 15th read: "[If] I have known, [or] I have not known,
I have fed and taken care of all the workmen, and each workman, some of the
house of my father, and of my mother and my relations; and all my people."
It is of the time of the 11th dynasty. 11 in. high, 9J in. wide. Calcareous stone.

1943. Sepulchral tablet, with a rounded top, hutu, dedicated to Osiris for
Hataa, a chief of the royal thirteen2. Above are the two symbolic eyes, having
the signet between them. Beneath Hataa3 is seen on the left, wearing a skull-
cap, namms, collar, usx, and tunic, s'enti, round the loins, seated on a low-
backed chair, facing to the right, terminating in lion's feet. He holds a lotus
flower in his left hand, which he raises to his face. Before him is a table of
offerings, consisting of two circular cakes of bread, paut, one oval one, at or ta,
and a bunch of onions, hut. Beneath the table is an open-mouthed jar, and a
conical one, on a stand, for holding beer or wine. Before him, standing and
draped in the same costume, except that he wears the tunic, basui, instead of
the s'enti, is his mother's brother Snabef, holding forth his right hand and
addressing him. The seven lines above are the dedications and the titles of

1 Purchased at Mr Salt's sale, 1835. Lot 246.

2 The meaning of this title is unknown.

3 Or Ab-aa.
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