Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1. "Act of homage1 to Osiris, lord of Abutu [Abydos], who has given meals
of food and drink, bread and beer, oxen, geese,

2. clothes, utensils, wax, all good things upon which a god

3. lives, to the chief of the royal thirteen, Hataa, son of the chief of the
royal thirteen.

4. Snab, born of the lady of the house, Ransnab, by the brother of

5. his mother, the officer of the table of the ruler, Snabef.

6. (Left.) The chief of the royal thirteen, Hataa, justified.

6. (Right.) The giving of an act of homage by the brother,

7. of his mother, the officer of the table, ruler, Snabef."

Flesh red, hair black. 9^ in. high, 6 in. wide. Calcareous stone.

1944. Sepulchral tablet, with a rounded hutu; above are two symbolic eyes,
and signet or cartouche, s'en. Scene of family worship in two divisions.

In the first division a man wearing hair in the style of the 12th dynasty,
a collar, usx, on his neck, and a long garment, basui, from the loins, is seated
on a chair, holding a lotus flower to his face; facing to the right at his
side is a female, his wife or sister, seated in the same chair, wearing long hair
and a single garment, fixed by straps, unyu; with her right hand she grasps the
right arm of the man; her left is placed upon his left shoulder; she wears a
collar, usx, roun(i the neck, and a long garment from the breast to the knees.
Before them is a table of offerings, on which is a conical cake of bread, ut, and
two circular ones, paut, surmounted by a bunch of onions, hut. On the other side
of the table stands a man wearing rounded hair, namms, a collar, usx, round
the neck, and a garment, basui, from the loins, pouring a libation of water,
qabh, from a vase held in his right hand, while his left, which is pendent,
grasps a double sash. Beneath are three figures seated on their right legs on
the ground and facing to the right: the first, a man, has short and rounded
hair, namms, and a tunic, s'enti, round the loins. His left hand is doubled back
upon his breast, on which is apparently a strap of the tunic; his right hand is
extended. The other two are females, wearing very long hair, namms, and the
usual long female garment, held by straps, uny\<>, upon the shoulders. They are

1 See ante for this phrase.
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