Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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men red, women yellow; figures in relief; hieroglyphs black. 9-| in. high. Calca-
reous stone.

1946. Sepulchral tablet with a rounded top, hutu, having above two eyes
not symbolic, probably of Horus. On the upper part are two small compart-
ments, in each of which is a draped figure seated on the legs on the ground,
facing inwards, extending one hand towards a jar on the ground in front. The
figure on the right is a person named Aqarsen, and that on the left Ta.

Down the centre is a perpendicular line of hieroglyphs.

"Act of homage to Osiris, who dwells in the "West, lord of Abutu [Abydos],
Apmatennu [Anubis], lord of Taser [Hades], who give sepulchral meals, bread,
drink, all good things."—This line continues to the compartment, on the right "to
the officer Ta, a worthy person, son of the lady of the house Urneb, justified."

On the left "to ......u son1 of Ransnab, justified."

Beneath, on each side, are eighteen horizontal lines of hieroglyphs, a list of
persons. On the right:

1. The guardian of the house, Ai, justified,

2. son of the lady of the house, Hotep, justified.

3. The superintendent of the Temple, Sebakhotep, justified, son of Tata,

4. Sebakhotep, justified, son of Urneb, justified.

5. The superintendent of the house, Senrahu, justified, son of

6. Hotep, justified; the superintendent of the house, Sebakhotep, justified,

7. son of Hotep, justified; the lady of the house, Hotep, justified.

8. ...enta, justified. The lady of the house, Ransnab, justified,

9. daughter of Hotep-t, justified. The lady of the house Sebaksankh,

10. daughter of Men-t, justified. The lady of the house, Shepsi, justified,

11. daughter of the lady of the house, Urneb, justified. The superintendent
of the house....

12. Nebart, justified, son of Sebaksankh.

13. The officer1 of the place, Ta...u, justified,

1 v\ W=/] mennu, "cupbearer." Duemichen, die Libysche Wiiste, p. 1.
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