Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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14. son of Akhi, justified; the lady of the house, Nub, justified,

15. daughter of the lady of the house, Sebaksankh, justified and worthy,

16. the ... justified.

On the left side are the following names:

1. The ... of the king1 Haremsa,

2. son of Ransnab, justified; the lady of the house, Tahuti; Sat-

3. rannu-t, justified, daughter of Ransnab,

4. the person attached to2 the courtiers, Sebak, son of ...

5. -ran, justified, the person attached to the courtier, superintendent of the
house, Harsebak, justified,

6. son of Satran, justified, the adorner3 of the nomarch, Snabfent, son of
Satran, justified,

7. son of Ran-

8. ran, justified; the officer of the place, Han,

9. son of Ransnab, justified; the lady of the house,

10. Han, justified, daughter of Satran, justified.

11. The lady of the house, Mentu......

12. justified; the superintendent of the place of ... Taua, justified.

13. The officer4 of the beer-cellar, Maa, justified.

14. The officer of the place of beer, Snabenset, justified.

15. The officer of the place of beer, Khui, justified, a worthy person.
This tablet is indistinctly inscribed, and appears to have been set up for

some family of inferior persons connected with the palace; several of the names
are illegible, or nearly so. It is about the period of the 12th dynasty. 1 ft.
7 in. high, 1 ft. 1 in. wide. Black granite.

1947. Sepulchral tablet, with a rounded top, hutu, dedicated to Osiris for the
sake of a servant or follower, probably of the king named Mama. In three
divisions. Above are two symbolic eyes, uta, emblems of the Sun and Moon, as
the eyes of the white cow of Athor, the goddess of beauty and mother of the

2 am s'enti.

arts, unknown word, determined by hair.

4 Mennu, as before.
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