Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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legs on the ground, his left hand doubled on the breast, the right extended.
He is wearing the same costume as Hui; collar, usx, and long garment, basui;
"his wife Tataau," is wearing long hair, namms, in the same attitude. They
are followed by " Teta, priest of Amen, justified" or deceased, in the usual dress
and costume, but holding the bud, rut, of a lotus flower, ss'nin; then by
" Amenemhat," in the same costume, placing his left hand on the shoulder of
Teta, and holding with his right hand that of the same person. Behind him,
is "his wife Maiau," in female costume, and the same attitude; and behind her
"Api," holding the same office as Aanana.

The two horizontal lines below are the usual dedication to Osiris :
u Act of homage to Osiris, great god, eternal ruler, who gives sepulchral
meals of bread and beer, oxen, geese, clothes, utensils, wax, pure water, wine,

milk, all good and pure things, to......"

The hair is coloured black; the face of the male figure red; that of the
females yellow. 1 ft. 3 in. high, 9 in. wide. Calcareous stone.

1950. Sepulchral tablet, with a rounded top, hutu, in two divisions, dedica-
tion to Osiris and Anubis, for Mamau, son of Turmertes, superintendent of boats.

Above are two symbolic eyes, ut'a, and two jackal standards, emblems of the
gods Anupu, or Anubis, and Apmatennu. In the first division Mamau is seen
on the left, seated on a low-backed chair, terminating in lion's feet, facing to the
right; he wears long hair, namms, a collar, usx, round the neck, and a short
tunic, s'enti, round the loins; his right hand is extended; his left is bent back
on his breast. Before him is a table of offerings, consisting of a circular cake
of bread, paut, an oval one, ta or at, a vase or jar, a haunch of veal, xePs> and
a water fowl, samen. Under the table is a vase or bowl on a tall stem. Higher
than the table is a cylindroid vase, such as held cosmetics or oils. On the other
side of the scene is his wife Apepa, daughter of Haremhat, seated on her left
leg on the ground, facing him. She wears long hair, namms, a collar, usx, anc^
a long garment held by straps over the shoulders. Before her is a table of
offerings, consisting of a circular cake, paut, an oval one, at, a jar of wine or
water, namms, a bunch of onions, hut, and a water fowl, samen. Under the table
is a bowl on a tall stem or stand, and above, in the field, a jar for oils or
loading ...