Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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In the compartment beneath is "his brother Snaberau, justified," seated on
a mat at the left side of the scene. Snaberau 1 Avears short hair, namms, a collar,
usx, roun(i the neck, and a short tunic, s'enti, round the loins; he sits on his
right foot, the left leg elevated, stretches forward the right hand, and holds
the left back on his breast. Before him is a table of offerings, on which are
placed a circular cake, paut, an oval cake, ta, a water fowl, samen or apt, and
a bunch of onions, hut. Under the table is a bowl on a tall foot or stem;
in the area a conical vase for wax, merh. On the other side, draped in the
usual female costume, is "his mother, Turmertes, justified;" she faces to the
left, and is seated on her left leg on a mat; her right hand is bent on her
breast; her left is extended. Before her is a similar table of offerings, and the
cylindroid jar in the area. Between them is a conical jar of wine or water.

The horizontal and lateral lines of the first compartment are the dedication
for Mamau :

"Act of homage2 to Osiris, who dwells in the West, great god, lord of
Abydos, to Apmatennu, lord of Taser3, who gave sepulchral meals of bread and
beer, oxen, geese, bread, clothes, fabrics, incense, wax, all good and pure things,
gifts of heaven, products of earth, upon which a god lives, to the superintendent
of boats, Mamau, son of Turmertes, justified, [and] his wife, lady of a house,
Apepa, justified, daughter of Haremhat, justified."

The flesh of the females is coloured red; the hieroglyphs are black on a
yellow ground ; below is a black, yellow, and red border. 1 ft. 6£ in. high, 1 ft. £ in.
wide. Calcareous stone.

1951. Tablet, hutu, in shape of a gateway, dedicated to Osiris for a person
named Saru, guardian of the house of Kheperka4, probably Usertesen I., of the
12th dynasty. On it are two scenes.

To the left, Saru, wearing long hair, namms, and a tunic, s'enti, seated,
facing right, his right leg on the ground, holding out his right hand and
bending his left back on his breast; before him is a mat, on which are a

1 Or Snaberfu, if the sign has the value of f.

2 For the other reading see ante.

3 The region of beatified spirits in Hades.

4 Or else, " The guardian of the palace or temple ' Kheperkasara,'" Kheperka forming part of the name.
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