Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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claws; his hair is in the style of the 18th dynasty, and he wears a conical
object on his head, a collar, us%, round the neck, and a long garment, the
basui, round the loins; his right hand, which is extended and doubled, holds a
sash, his left a lotus flower to his face. Behind him, on the same chair or
couch, is seated "his wife, the lady of a bouse, Baket, justified," wearing long
fringed hair in the style of the 18th dynasty, a conical object on her head, and
a fillet or crown, meli, round her hair; she wears a long female garment, places
her left hand on the left shoulder of Sennefer, and holds his right arm with
her right hand. Before them is a table of offerings, having on it a circular
cake of bread, pant, the head of a calf, another portion of the same, a basket
of fruit, a gourd, another heap of fruit, and a bunch of onions. Under the
table are two conical jars of wine or water on stands twined by lotus buds.
At the right side of the scene and on the other of the table this offering is
said to be " from their beloved daughter, who keeps their name alive, Artefnefer."
She is draped like her mother, is seated on a low-backed chair, man, extends
her left band, and holds a lotus bud in her right to her face. Beneath the
seat is inscribed "libations to."

The second division has a similar scene of sepulchral offering, "Nebseni, priest
of Athor," draped like Sennefer; and in the same attitude at the left of
the tablet, facing right, is seated on a chair, having at his side "his wife, the
lady of a house, Teri," in the same attitude and drapery as the lady Baket.
At the other side "Amenemapt," a man so named, stands wearing a skull-
cap, namms, collar, us^, and short tunic, s'enti. He holds a jug of libations,
qabh, in his right hand, out of which he pours the water on the table of
offerings below, and in his left a censer in shape of a long stick, terminating in
a hand holding a cup and having a small vase or receptacle half-way down the
stick to hold the balls of incense, t'a. He faces Nebseni and his wife. The
table of offerings has three circular cakes of bread, paut, a gourd, fruit, and
other objects. Before him are two perpendicular lines of hieroglyphs, continued
under the table. " The making of the gift an act of homage twice pure, with
thousands (abundance) of all good and pure things, with haunches, and choice
portions for the Osirian Baket, justified."

This tablet is apparently of an early part of the 18th dynasty, about the
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