Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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1 cm


commencement, the use of the name of Osiris before the deceased shewing
that it is later than the 12th and following dynasties. The ancestral worship
is represented on it, but not that of deities, which was subsequently intro-
duced. The flesh of the figures is coloured red, the hieroglyphs blue. 1 ft. 3f in.
long, llf in. wide. Calcareous stone.

1954. Sepulchral tablet, with a rounded top, hutu, in two divisions. Sepul-
chral worship by Takara, a captain of the king, and his family. Above are the
two symbolic eyes, ut'a, and the signet, yat&m or sen.

In the first division, "Takara, captain of his majesty," is represented seated on
a high-backed chair, with the feet terminating in the usual lion's claws, by the
side of "his wife, the lady of a house, Aau." Takara wears short hair, elegantly
plaited in rows of curls falling from the crown of his head; he wears a collar,
us-%, and the long garment, basui, from the loins to the ankles; his right hand
extended and doubled holds a sash; his left a lotus flower by the stem, which
he lifts to his face. His wife, Aau, is seated at his side; she wears long hair,
falling in rows of curls at the ends, namms, earrings, s'aha, of circular shape,
in her ears, and the usual female garment from the breast to the knees, held by
straps. Before them is a table of offerings, on which are placed two circular
cakes of bread, paut, and two oval loaves, ta, two baskets full of fruits, probably
figs, teba, and dates, nebs, a lotus flower, ss'nin, and bud. On the other side of
the table is "his brother Katneb...i," seated facing. He sits on a rectangular seat,
slightly concave, with no back and side bars, wears a skull-cap, namms, instead
of the long hair, a collar, usx, and long garment, basui, holds a doubled sash in
his extended left hand, and a lotus to his face in his right hand. The inscrip-
tion above refers to the gift of the tablet or offering to Takara "by his
brother, who keeps his name alive, Katneb...i." The lower division has a row of
four females, seated on their right legs on the ground, facing to the right; they
are all draped in the usual female costume, and wear long hair. The first,
Hapep, holds her right hand extended, and a lotus flower, ss'nin, in her left.
The second, his daughter Meshar, resembles in costume the first, and holds a
lotus flower. The third, his daughter Shesiharnefer, w7ears the same costume,
but holds a lotus bud. The last, his daughter Eua, is draped like the others,
but bends her left hand back on her breast, and holds no lotus flower. The
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