Birch, Samuel   [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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lie is jackal-headed, wears a tunic, send, and holds an emblem of life, ar% in
his right hand, and the dog-headed sceptre, t'am or uas, in his left. Before
him stands Pai, wearing a skull-cap, namms, and long garment, basui, elevating
both hands in adoration to Anubis, Osiris, and the other deities. The prow and
stern of the boat terminate in a lotus flower, ss'nin.

The inscriptions in this section read :

"Osiris, the eternal ruler who dwells in the East, Harsiesis, Isis, mistress
of heaven, ruler of the world, who have given the delicious breath of the North
wind to Pai."

That before Pai reads:

"The gift of adorations to Osiris by Pai, guardian of the place of the gum,

The second division represents a scene of sepulchral or family worship. At
the right side of the tablet is a man named " Harnekht," wearing short hair in
the style of the 18th dynasty, a conical ornament on the top of the head, and
a long garment from the loins, basui, seated on a high backed chair, extending
his right hand, and holding a sash doubled in his left hand. He faces to the
left. Behind him, wearing long hair tied with a crown and with a lotus bud
wreathed round it, and having a cone on the crown of her head, is the lady of
the house, Neb-ta-ta. She places the left hand on the right shoulder of
Harnekht, and holds his right arm with her right hand. Before the pair is a
large table of viands, on which are placed two circular cakes of bread or biscuits,
•pant, three oval loaves of bread, ta, two baskets of fruit, hemispherical, probably
of figs, teb, and dates, nebs, two gourds, and two bunches of onions, hut.

At the other side of the tablet, seated on high-backed chairs, man, and facing
the sepulchral table of offerings in the same manner, draped also alike, are a man
named " Tahutimes," or "Thothmes," and "Aui, the lady of a house." The in-
scriptions above their heads and the table are two sepulchral dedications to Osiris.

That to the right reads :

"Act of homage to Osiris, who gives all good and pure things to Harnekht,
the lady of a house, Neb-ta-ta."
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