Birch, Samuel [Hrsg.]
Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities at Alnwick Castle — London, 1880

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and a vase from winch three flames arise. Under the table are two vases on
stands, with conical cover, holding wine. They are entwined by lotus buds. On
the other side of the table stands Pekames, his hair in short rows of curls
rounded beneath, in the style of the 18th and 19th dynasties, wearing a long
garment with plaited sleeves made of fine linen, semi-transparent like muslin.
He raises both hands in adoration, the palms turned towards Osiris. The
hieroglyphical inscription above his head is

"Adoration to thee, Osiris, lord of the age, who gives the food before him
daily to the superintendent of the making of the gold, Pekames, justified1 in
the tribunal of Truth."

In the second division is a scene of sepulchral worship; on the right is
"The superintendent of the making of the gold-smelting of the lord of the two
countries [the king], Pepaui," seated on a tall-backed chair, the legs of which
terminate in lion's feet, facing to the left. He wears his hair, namms, in close
rows of curls, terminating in a kind of fringe and falling on his neck, round
which is a collar, usy^, and a long plaited garment with sleeves; his feet are
placed on a mat or footstool; his right hand is extended, his left also, but the
hand doubled. Behind him, seated in a similar chair and facing in the same
direction, is "his sister, the lady of the house, Mutemua." She wears her hair
falling in long close rows of curls from the summit of her head and bound
with a crown or fillet, vneh. She wears the usual long female garment to the
ankles, and her feet are placed on a mat or footstool. Before them is a table
of offerings consisting of two circular cakes of bread, paut, two oval cakes, ta,
a bunch of onions, a basket of fruit, and beneath the table is a vase of wine
on a stand with a conical cover entwined by a lotus flower. This offering
is "made by his son, who keeps his name alive, the superintendent of the
working of gold, Pekames, justified." His costume more resembles that of the
19th dynasty, his long hair falls in plaited curls to his shoulder, and he wears a
plaited garment with sleeves, all of very fine linen or muslin. He stands on the
other side of the table, facing Pepaui and Mutemua, holding a jug of water, qabh,
which he pours from the spout in his right hand, and a calathus-shaped vase
of fire in his left. Behind Pekames, and facing in the same direction, are three

1 Ma xru, "truthful."

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